Salvation Army So Uk Kindergarten Visit

We were very honoured to be invited to visit The Salvation Army So Uk Kindergarten on 18 and 25 April. The modern facilities, engaging students and welcoming educators made the experience memorable.

Vice-Principal Chan, Mr Damons and Mr Willem with the acclaimed acting abilities of seven P6 students from the Community Youth Club, performed a short play to very knowledgeable groups of K2 and K3 learners. Apart from including fun and relevant language elements, the play also encompassed value education that emphasized the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

It is was unclear who had the most fun. We all hope to see the promising young learners soon.

  • 地圵:九龍深水埗廣利道9號
  • 電話:2386 5392 傳真: 2708 9954
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